The world's largest market, forex, which cannot be manipulated with a daily volume exceeding 5 trillion dollars, offers you many investment tools. In this market where your investments are safe, YPFX answers your questions about how to use your money and what you are wondering about this market!
Commodities and Precious Metals is the name given to all goods and products that can be subject to trade. The market where commodity goods are traded is called "Commodity Exchange". It is either not possible to physically invest in most of the commodities or some problems such as preservation, security and storage are encountered. Commodity commodities can be traded easily in the Forex Market in non-physical ways. Thus, commodities have taken their place among profitable investment tools. You can invest in commodities with leveraged transactions on YPFX platforms; You can trade gold, silver and oil. YPFX offers its investors the opportunity to trade commodities with low trading spreads.
Agricultural Commodities
It refers to products such as wheat, soybean, corn, coffee, cocoa that we use as food or as food raw materials. The exchange of these products is as old as the history of humanity. Trading of agricultural commodities on the forex trading platform increases the flexibility of the investor in the financial markets and allows them to seize instant opportunities.
Industrial Commodities
By trading commodities in Forex markets, you are physically protected from the cost of storage. In particular, it is not possible to buy and store industrial commodities. With YPFX, you can trade copper commodities, which are at the forefront of trading volume. Since they are traded as CFDs, they have expiry dates and therefore no swap costs are incurred. In addition to investment purposes, copper is also demanded to hedge against price fluctuations due to its use in industry.
Precious Metals
In particular, gold is used as a hedge against inflation today, and it also functions as a safe asset due to being a scarce resource and precious metal, and has been the first choice of investors in global economic crises.
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