The world's largest market, forex, which cannot be manipulated with a daily volume exceeding 5 trillion dollars, offers you many investment tools. In this market where your investments are safe, YapıFX answers your questions about how to use your money and what you are wondering about this market!
Energy prices are closely monitored as they measure global risk appetite, global growth and regional risks. Oil and natural gas can be traded in the forex markets 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, with instant reactions to all kinds of developments.
In the United States, oil is taken from wells and sent via pipes to Oklahoma. WTI is the benchmark price for all oil in the US and is traded at this price on the NYMEX exchange.
Brent Crude Oil
It comes from the North Sea region, it contains about forty blends and Oseberg and Ekofisk crude oil. It is easy to reach over long distances, making it ideal for refinery for this light and sweet crude oil, diesel and gasoline. It is traded on the ICE EUROPE exchange.
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